Tailored elegant outfits


Using mikado and schantung silk; silk embroidered on silk, satin, linen, hemp and nettle for personalised creations of haute couture.



Furnishing for beach lidos


Officine Frida Arts & Crafts for Lido Onda Libera - Scanzano Ionico ( Matera )

In collaboration with Metriquali design studio.


Knights of the Virgin Mary of Bruna




Costume Dress: Jane Austen 


An empire style period costume made from sheets curtains and fabric scraps.



Professional Bag Design


Sample sales bag

Nativity Scene Depiction


Whit help from the association 'Minerva science', the upholstery manufacturer 'Calia Italia' and using second hand cloting and production scraps.

Officine Frida Arts & Crafts

Via Casalnuovo 94 - 75100 Matera

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